Mediahouse - A Shopify Partner

Mediahouse is an official Shopify Partner, but firstly, what is Shopify?

Shopify is a leading commerce platform designed for stores and businesses of various sizes, industries, and locations worldwide. Headquartered in Ottawa, Canada, they currently power over 1,000,000 businesses worldwide. Their platform has been trusted by powerhouse brands such as Tesla, Google, Red Bull, Nestle, Kanye West, Rebecca Minkoff, Kylie Cosmetics, and many more.

Shopify caters to a broad range of industries including art, photography, fashion, jewelry, accessories, electronics, food, home, sports, toys, and games.
They power entrepreneurs and businesses of all sizes and maturity, be it small bespoke boutiques, innovative startups, medium-sized brands, or high-volume enterprises with multiple verticals. This also includes businesses that focus on B2B and wholesale models, as well as merchants that sell services.

How does being a Shopify Partner Help you?
Being a Shopify partner is kind of a big deal. It means we take what we do seriously and we have partnered with the best platform in the world to bring the best solutions to our customers.

As a Shopify Partner:

1. We have access to Shopify and their team of engineers directly to assist our customers in record time.
2. We have access to a multitude of resources and technologies to be able to develope cutting edge commerce websites.
3. We are the link between the customer and Shopify, so our customers have local support.
4. We have access to the latest Apps and Themes.
5. We are well versed in Shopify website platforms and have acquired the required knowledge.
6. Mediahouse has 2 Official Certifications from Shopify
7. As of April 2020 Mediahouse has completed 13 courses through Shopify
8. Choosing a Shopify partner to design your website means you have chosen to partner with an industry leader.

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