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Website Hosting

There is a considerable amount of competition in the industry, and this keeps prices down.  You can run a business on the internet for less than the price of a couple good hamburgers at a steakhouse.You will see "web hosting companies" who promise to host your web site for a few cents or even for free. Use your common sense, and critically review the objective FACTS.  If it is all hype and warm-fuzzy consultant speak with the key selling point being a ridiculously cheap rental, then tread lightly gentle reader, there is a snake in that grass.  There is no such thing as a free lunch.

Our clients choose us because we offer value for money, solid reliability and top notch service.  They choose us because we have a sustainable, common sense approach to our business and theirs.

Our Hosting Options Include:

Basic Hosting: Suitable for smaller websites with low traffic volumes

Premium Hosting: Best value for money for small to medium sized businesses

Business Hosting: Suitable for larger websites with high traffic volumes

Private Hosting: Suitable for individuals who want their own email address, emails only, now website hosting.

A few reasons to entrust your web hosting to Mediahouse :


  • No contracts to lock you in.
  • Total control over your servers and domain name 24x7 - with your own cPanel
  • Advanced personal email accounts - with virus scanning, custom spam filters,  web access, auto responders, mailing lists, advanced automation and sync to your PC / mobile phone.
  • Generous web hosting bandwidth and web space to host thousands of web pages for thousands of visitors.
  • Advanced scripting support (ASP, ASP.NET, PHP and PERL) to run online systems such as ontent management systems, Wikis, discussion,forums, portals, shopping carts, etc.
  • Free installation and setup of Wordpress, Joomla, Dot Net Nuke, Wiki and others put you on par with the best.
  • Windows server to run state of the art web 2 applications.

 To register your domain name with hosting please click here :

Website Design - Mediahouse

Demo Image


Producing a professional website

and making it live does not mean that website is going to get found by potential clients.


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Social Media - Mediahouse

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A unique service offered by Mediahouse is Social Media Management for business,

the current buzzword amongst marketers.


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Google Adwords - Mediahouse

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Nowadays organic ranking is no longer good enough. Companies are realizing the cost effectiveness of Google Ads and how important online search is.


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