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Web Design

Website design - Johannesburg, Gauteng


Producing a professional website and making it live does not mean that website is going to get found by potential clients. Websites have to be optimized technically and copy written in a specific manner in order for search engines to index them properly. The main goal is to get your company's selected key words as high up on Google search as possible. Mediahouse employs specific SEO strategies to all our websites to ensure they are found and become a proper sales tool for that company. Website optimization is a continuous effort over a period of 4-6 months before the website is correctly optimized and indexed. We can produce e-commerce websites, CMS websites and industry specific websites.


Why have a Website?

A web site is about communicating with current and new customers.  Helping them understand why your product or service is beneficial to them, or, in the case of existing customers, providing them with better service. You know your own products and services better than anyone.  You understand your market and your clients.

We certainly can't sell your products and services better than you can, so a web designer can handle specific things - and all technical issues - so you don't have to.   Things like databases, ftp accounts, PHP, scripts, style sheets, xml, versions, etc is simply no longer your problem.  We handle all of that.

Think of us as your megaphone.  We use your own voice: but we refine it, magnify it and we direct your message to the ears of those willing to listen.  We help you write the content.  We help pick keywords that will bring qualified leads to your site.  We help optimize your web site content so that search engines (like Google) rank you as high as possible.

Once we have your site online, we monitor its effectiveness with sophisticated statistics (you get a weekly report) and we use software to monitor the web daily for any mention about your product or your site.  We can even watch your competitors for you if you like. In essence we act as your partner: we know how to write copy (like this page), so we will ask you for a list of ideas, facts, arguments and unique selling propositions. 


We use your input as basis for a web site sales letter that we craft to maximize the chances of turning web visitors into prospects and later into clients.An effective web site depends on a process of continuous tuning, feedback, refinement and adjusting for best results. 


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Note: All websites created by Mediahouse are subject to our standard Terms & Conditions


Website Design - Mediahouse

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Producing a professional website

and making it live does not mean that website is going to get found by potential clients.


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Social Media - Mediahouse

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A unique service offered by Mediahouse is Social Media Management for business,

the current buzzword amongst marketers.


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Google Adwords - Mediahouse

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Nowadays organic ranking is no longer good enough. Companies are realizing the cost effectiveness of Google Ads and how important online search is.


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