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Terms & Conditions

All quotes / contracts / invoices are subject to these Terms and conditions.

Should Mediahouse be developing a new website for you, please take note of the following:

1. Correct content such as copy and images must be supplied by the client. Mediahouse may make certain changes with the client’s approval to improve SEO. Mediahouse will regularly check content for spelling mistakes and grammatical errors and advise on such. However the client retains sole responsibility for the correctness of their content unless Mediahouse has been tasked with writing content.

2. Client needs to provide clear direction in terms of required design, colours etc.

3. Mediahouse will provide the client with a one Home Page example of a new site for approval. Should that be rejected Mediahouse will produce a second home page proposal. Once that has been approved development will continue based on that format and its approval. Should during production the client decide to change the entire overall look and feel, requiring a new design, further costs will apply.

4. Websites developed by Mediahouse must be hosted by Mediahouse. (With exceptions)

5. Mediahouse undertakes to complete a new website in 6 weeks or less. Mediahouse will from time to time request the client to provide information to complete the website. We trust the client to provide such information in a timeous manner. Should a client halt the development of a website for a period of 3 months or longer, Mediahouse will invoice for the balance of the outstanding fees and continue to work on the website when the client is ready.

6. Should a client halt the website development for 3 months or longer, a re-quote would be required.

7. Mediahouse will not produce websites that purposefully defame another person or organization, contain explicit content, contain foul language, and besmirch a person’s character, politically driven websites and any other website Mediahouse feels does not conform to their code of conduct.

8. A website is deemed complete when the entire initial content given by the client for production is uploaded, when the design is finished and the website is live. Mediahouse reserves the right to only upload a website once final payment has been made. The client may continue to make content changes once the website is live for a period of 7 days.

9. Mediahouse employs the latest hosting technologies and is constantly upgrading their security systems. Mediahouse cannot be held liable for any downtime during regular upgrades, security upgrades, server migrations or reasons beyond their control. The current benchmark is an uptime of 99.91%.

10. Web Design, Design or SEO Ad Words work is only carried out once a 50% deposit is received. Mediahouse is under no obligation to carry out any work unless the full deposit required is paid.

11. All work remains the property of Mediahouse until paid for in full.

12. Once work has been carried out on a project, deposits are non-refundable and will be used to recover time spent on the project.

SLA & Contract Based Clients

1. A service level agreement does not have a pre determined time frame unless otherwise stipulated.

2. All contracts require a 60 day notice period from either party unless otherwise agreed by both parties.

3. A SLA agreement does not require a formal document as long as both parties agree on requirements.

4. Any service being rendered continually on the same basis for 3 months or longer is recognised as an SLA and therefore cancellation terms apply.




Website Design - Mediahouse

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Producing a professional website

and making it live does not mean that website is going to get found by potential clients.


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Social Media - Mediahouse

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A unique service offered by Mediahouse is Social Media Management for business,

the current buzzword amongst marketers.


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Google Adwords - Mediahouse

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Nowadays organic ranking is no longer good enough. Companies are realizing the cost effectiveness of Google Ads and how important online search is.


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